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Thank the lords this is only a three-day week. I'm so lethargic and disinterested in the world at large at the moment. I'm hoping it's because of the cold of doom that just won't go away (it's going on a month) and that my energy is just sapped because of it. Or maybe it's just the change of season brining on some ennui. Whatever the cause, I apologize if I'm less that chatty and fun.

Does anyone know if there is any good It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fanfiction out there? I'll try pairings, no real specific one in my head, but I'd love stuff in the same vain as the show (totally inappropriate and hilarious).


I started rewatching the canon for my [ profile] yuletide fic and it got my mind whirling with some ideas. I really love the characters that I'm writing for...I just worry about getting their voices right. Nothing worse than a character that doesn't sound like s/he should. Especially since this is a gift for someone and I want it to be great and everything that they were hoping for.


Seeing twilight has gotten my brain going on more ideas for Alice/Jasper fic. Probably just because they weren't featured nearly enough, but when they were they were so darn cute together. I just love them lots. And I guess it's a good thing since I have 18 more fics to write for the twilight20 prompt table.
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Stupid mondays. Stupid rainy mondays. The good thing about the rain is that hopefully it will wash away some of the pollen currently trying to kill me. I really don't want to die because of horny plants. It just seems to ridiculous.


Dearest [ profile] shay_renoylds: Since your birthday is fast approaching, please give me a prompt for Supernatural or Heroes of a ficlet. Considering this is me, realize it will be late, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.


I feel so out of touch with fandom lately and that makes me both sad and sorta okay. Sad because I have the coolest people on my friends list, the most awesome parts of fandom, and I miss y'all so very much. On the otherhand, I don't mind missing out on tons of wank.

So, back to the missing out on fandom things...everyone recommend me something wonderful and fandomy (I just made a word!) and I shall go check it out and then pimp it/rec it/feedback it. Life is finally (::knocks on wood::) slowing down a bit for me.
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I'm extremely tired today. I attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but like most Sunday nights, I couldn't fall asleep and kept tossing and turning. I really hate mornings, especially mornings I have to work.

I think I have figured out what I'm going to do for my Supernatural Big Bang. I started writing a scene of the What Is and Never Should Be from Sam POV piece, so I think I'm going to focus on that. If I find that I'm stuck, by starting early enough I might be able to switch to one of the other ideas. Though really, this is me. And early for deadline and me don't go together too often. People would start to think I'm a pea-pod person.

It's just I really, really want this fic set from before, during, and after that episode from Sam's POV. So I figure I might as well write it. At the very least, I'll enjoy my fic.


This is that writing meme I saw going around the friends list... )


So Torchwood friends: Where is the good schmoop? Specifically, Owen-related schmoop? I'm cool with any pairing if it features Owen. Hee. I don't mind angst, hurt/comfort if it ends happily.
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Happy Supernatural Day, my friends! New Sammy and Dean tonight!

Alas, I'm sick. Stupid sinuses. It's moving to my chest so I left work early in hopes of combating the yuck before it became too bad.

Have not watched any of the three awesome shows on at 10pm on Wednesday yet. Tivo'd Dirty Sexy Money and Project Runway at eleven, and then I just need Life. Why must all the shows be on opposite one another?

I should try to do some writing today, at least my 500 words, but I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to write. Maybe some sam/dean schmoop that no one but me will ever see. I don't know.


In the meantime, I'm once again on the hunt for schmoop. So rec me your favorite schmoop fics. Any fandom, any pairing!
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So as I make my way through season two of Numb3rs, I must ask for recs to the good fic. You know me and my sibling kink. I'm a very bad girl, but I'll also take gen if it's filled with the Don & Charlie! I found a few stories, but they seemed to suffer from the fate of a lot of the NCIS fic out there with the weird fixation on the word "lover." Over and over again and it just makes me giggle.


I'll be following this post up with my Holiday Wish List as it's getting to be that time again. If you've already posted yours, be sure to link me to. I only have [ profile] medie and [ profile] dragonsinger. I'm doing mini-nano this year and along with a bunch of current pieces and very late b-day ficlets to finish, I want to do some wish list stuff for people if I can.


New Chuck tonight. This makes me so happy. And Heroes seems to slowly be picking up speed. But I've got to be honest, it's all about Chuck. I walk away from each episode extremely giddy and wanting more, the way I used to feel about Heroes.

Is there any fic about Chuck's sister (is it Ellie? I can never remember) and Captain Awesome? Send me links if you know of some.
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Things I'm looking for:

1) Where is all the post season two premiere Nathan/Peter stuff at? Hook a girl up.

2) I'm still looking for everyone's favorite schmoop stories - any fandom, any pairings!

3) Anyone know where I can find a dl or torrent of last night's premiere of Life? It was a choice between that show or Peter Krause's show. I went with Peter Krause because he is Casey and hot!
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So today was pirate day and I slept through most of it thanks to the evils of sickness. It's the same sinus infection from over a month ago and my doctor seriously looked at me and said, "I really don't know what we can do besides surgery at this point." I really don't want to do so surgery. My co-worker had it done and swears by it, but I don't do well with hospitals.

Anyway, I did get to do the pirate quiz!

My pirate crew and our bounty... )


Also, for pirate day, rec me your favorite pirate AU fics. Any fandom, any pairing. Just has to feature a pirate somehow. I'll put together a list once I get hook a girl up. ::bats eyelashes::
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So yesterday I asked you guys to share with me your favorite schmoop fics (any fandom/any pairing), but only [ profile] skuf has responded.

::prods y'all::

Come on, guys. It can have angst, just as long as it gives me a happy ending. But it can just be all fluff too. Share your favorite schmoop fics!


In case anyone is interested:

- Find me on Goodreads. If you're a reader, especially an avid one, I highly recommend this site to you. And be sure to friend me!

- Find me on Bakespace. It's for both "cookers and cakers" but I really only fall into the baking category. I've found some great recipes this way and I would love to friend those of you who bake/cook as well.

- Find me on Twitter. I still enjoy Twitter even if I do have trouble with the less is more philosophy.
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My huge work project is done and went off really well. I'm hoping this means I will be able to get back to the fun of fandom. I have so much writing, reading, and reccing to do and I miss it. I just haven't had the energy after a day at work for awhile. Plus, I can't seem to shake this stupid sinus infection.


I want everyone who sees this to rec me your favorite schmoop fics. I don't care what the fandom or pairing is. Share with me your happy schmoop fic reads. After all, schmoop makes the world go 'round.


Not Quite Winchestercon ([ profile] win_non_con) will be taking place again this year for those of you who can't attend the real one in Los Angeles. This year [ profile] iamtheenemy and I are staking out the real deal, so we've passed the project onto two of our trusty partners in crime from last year, [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] tvm. So be sure to keep an eye out on that community if you can't attend the con. It was so much fun last year!


My boss was awesome this morning. I work for a non-profit that's geared toward the environment and he said that he wanted us all to take an hour today during the workday to spend it outside so we remember why we do what we do. And it was lovely. Really, as much as I complain sometimes, this is why I stay at my job.
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I'm quite behind on my fannish activities. And I know [ profile] vinylroad will kill me soon if I don't read her fics, especially the one that I have been begging for...

But what I really want right now is some Twilight-verse Alice/Jasper fic. Is there any out there? Most of the fic that I stumble upon is either Edward/Bella or Jacob/Bella...where is the Alice/Jasper appreciation? They are awesome.

I really am going to have to write this myself, aren't I?

This is the problem with my small-fandom love.

Speaking of small fandom, I may have started girl Niko/Calvin fic for Veritas the Quest. I figure it will be late b-day gifts for [ profile] medie, myself, and [ profile] zeplum. I'm not sure there is anyone else who would appreciate it.

Now I shall go work on something until work is done for the day.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] zitosballgirl75!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! I've enjoyed your addition to my friends list this year!


Seeing as it was it was Dexter that brought you to my friends list, I find it appropriate that I squee about getting a hold of the first two episodes of season two of the show. I haven't watched them yet - my sister is making me wait for her until tomorrow night - but I'm very excited. Season one was just so damn amazing (though I did question my own sanity when I found myself not only rooting, but completely loving TWO serial killers) and I only hope season two is just as great.

And I'm picking up the first book at the library, which I know is pretty much season one of the show, but oh well.

And I'm still pissed off that Michael didn't get nominated for an emmy. that is complete bullshit. Not everyone can make you feel for a serial killer.


Friends list: Is there Army Wives fic? Like Trevor fic? Like maybe fic where he first meets Roxy and decides to go up and ask her out? I love Trevor (and not just because he's played by Drew Fuller). This show is such crack. It's so not my normal type of show, but I enjoy every single episode. And when the episode is over, I sit there and think, "it's over already?"

Also in the world of fic, please feel free to rec me your favorite schmoop from your fandoms...I love schmoop fic. And I'm a pretty polyfannish girl (shocking, I know), so hit me up, my friends.


Writing is coming at a snail's pace. This current story's edits/draft just don't want to come together. Stories either end up like this or like my [ profile] apocalyptothon piece, where once I can get started, it flows all on its own in a pretty decent format. Of course, i think that one was helped by it being Jared/Jensen...and I just love writing those boys a whole lot at the moment.

Anyway, I have not forgotten those I have promised fic to (::stares at [ profile] vinylroad so she doesn't kill me::). It's coming...just not in any timely fashion. Sorry about that.
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I'm attempting to get my brain to function, but in the meantime...

List the pairings you're into. Include the fandom they're from as well. Have your f-list rec fics for those pairings. Repost this in your own journal so I can give you some recs.

Sam/Dean (SPN)
Jared/Jensen (RPS)
Michael/Maria (Roswell)
Robin/Marian (Robin Hood)
Betty/Henry or Betty/Daniel (Ugly Betty)
Peter/Nathan (Heroes)
Abigail/Hannibal (Blade Trinity)
Joan/Adam (joan of arcadia)
Kat/Ethan (The Class)
Jack Bauer/Sydney Bristow (24/Alias)
Sydney/Weiss (Alias)
Pete/Patrick (Fall Out Boy)
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Oh day, you are going too fast and I'm not caught up on all my work. I was in a fairly good mood last night until I saw that Bush got Libby off the freaking hook. Real nice. Way to care about justice.

But I digress, because there are more important things to talk about. Like the fact that my sister got me hooked on CSI and we have plowed through the first six seasons rather quick. And now I ask you, friends list, for the fic recs. Specifically Nick/Greg or Nick/Warrick. And if there are any Post Grave Danger fics. Help a girl out! I want the CSI fic!


More to come later when my brain can focus on things other than nice day off tomorrow. But for now, if any of you read a lot (most of you do), check out and friend me. My profile is here.

Goal for today is get caught up on friends list.
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So I kept meaning to do this all weekend, but got distracted by shinier things like watching the finale of SPN over and over.

But i can't not do the Supernatural Friday Five, so here it is, almost a week late.

The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 32

1.) Now that we're out of fresh Supernatural episodes until September, how will you spend your Supernatural-less summer?

Reading and writing lots of fic, including a new Choose Your Own Adventure because I'm glutton for punishment. Also running Schmoopfest this summer with [ profile] iamtheenemy and either a SPN Crossover or Missing Scenes Challenge.

2.) Who's your favourite Supernatural villain so far, and why?

I loved the YED. He amused me, even if he always taunted my Dean.

3.) Based on what we know from season 2, how do you expect season 3 to play out?

In case people haven't seen the finale yet... )

4.) Jared's spending his summer filming 'The Christmas Cottage' and Jensen is doing a play called 'A Few Good Men'. What other sorts of roles would you like to see the boys portray?

Dude, I would love to see Jensen in a heist/comedy type movie like the Ocean's Eleven/Italian Job types. And Jared in a romantic comedy that doesn't star the Olsen twins.

5.) If you could sit down and have lunch with one Supernatural side-character (anyone other than Sam or Dean), who would it be, and what would you talk about? Mary. Can I find out how she knew the demon? And is she aware of how HOT her sons are and that they totally make out with one another?


SPN Warning: So I consider the finale a spoiler until this coming Friday. That's a week...and then I'm going to use my new icons that people have offered me of a certain scene. It's nothing too spoilerific, but I just wanted to give y'all a head's up.


Back at work today. Amidst catching up on things left on my desk, I'm trying to stay awake and ponder many bunnies 'o doom that have hijacked my brain. I really need to do some serious writing soon on these before my head explodes.

Request of the Day: What is your favorite Sam/Dean schmoop fic of all time? Rec me!
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1) Sometimes I think my trainer is trying to kill me. He's so lucky he's hot, my friends, otherwise I'm not sure I could tolerate his abuse masqueraded as "helping me achieve fitness goals."

2) [ profile] tvm and I think everyone should take to writing lots of Andy/Sam/Dean where Andy has gone on the road with our favorite boys - gen or slash. We want it all as long as it's happy.

Some ideas:

- Sam annoyed that he has to drive with Andy and Dean high in the backseat of the Impala.
- Sam jealous of Andy and Dean's easy relationship.
- Andy using his abilities to help them on a case...

Think about it, my friends. What's better than good fic EXCEPT making me and [ profile] tvm happy? Hee.

3) To those who rec stories: Ever stumble upon a story that you liked, but aren't sure you can rec because of certain issues with it. Because I'll let certain things go sometimes if I enjoy a story, but I begin to wonder if it's rec-worthy when some of the bad things I would warn about start to make it seem like, "Was she smoking crack?" And while I see nothing wrong with pointing out a few of my issues with a story when I rec it, I don't want an author to stumble upon my rec and be like, "What a bitch!" I just don't know what to do, but I'm thinking I'm might not rec it this round.

4) I still want the schmoop. Sam/Dean is preferable, but seriously, at this guys know my fandoms, I need schmoop! Lots of schmoop! No one wants my kink!cliche fic to turn into really bad fic. So save yourselves and rec me!

5) Finally, to anonymous for the virtual rose. Thank you so much. It totally made my day yesterday (and it was a very crappy one). ::huggles you::
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Okay friends list, specifically those in the NCIS fandom, I need your help. So I've become addicted to this show and completely and utterly love Tony Dinozzo. So I'm looking for fic - I will read Gibbs/Dinozzo, Abby/Dinozzo, Tim/Dinozzo...basically any pairing that includes Tony and is not Ducky (I love Ducky but ew).

However, I seem to have a huge problem in finding fic. Every single fic I have stumbled upon, especially in the Gibbs/DiNozzo pairing, overuses the word "lover." A whole fucking lot. Like rather than just saying "He was sitting there." It has to say "He watched his lover sitting there."

And then I spork my eyes out.

No one wants that, least of all me.

So any NCIS, Tony-centric recs would be greatly appreciated.


In the meantime, I will poke at my writing to do list until it's my lunch time.

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I mean, I love dark and angsty as much as the next person, but I have a feeling that might cause me to break down sobbing. And I don't do tears.

So yes, I'm in a sappy, schmoopy mood. So rec me your favorite schmoopy stories. Het or slash. Basically in any fandom I blather on about - Alias, Lost, BSG, Harry Potter, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis, The name a few.

I want a schmoopy-filled fic-reading evening! I mean, really, it's that or I watch Seventh Heaven, and that sounds painful.

bring on the schmoop!


Oh and thanks for help finding the wonderful Brokeback Mountain icons. Gah. They're so pretty and they make my heart swell. Seriously can't wait to finally see this movie a couple hundred times.
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it's tuesday, i'm terribly bored, and I've decided that I should take this opportunity to post a meme that I ganked shamelessly from [ profile] ladybug218

The nine things meme - more about me than you should care to know... )


Anyone have links to any good stories in any of the fandoms I adore (if in doubt, check users info)? I'm bored, people! Bored out of my skull! (And the first person to point out that I should be writing, well, they have to walk the plank...and they won't be followed by Johnny Depp because I'll keep him!)


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